Trivia Rules

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Team Formation

  1. Each team must have a team name.
    1. Use the same team name all year if you wish to participate in the year-long competition.
  2. Each team can have no more than five (5) members each Trivia night. Members may vary between different nights.
  3. Team members may NOT rotate throughout the different rounds of an individual Trivia night. The same five or fewer members representing a team on an individual Trivia night are the only people permitted to play all the rounds on that given night.

Game Format

  1. There are 5 rounds of team trivia and one bonus round where each team delegates one representative.
  2. Blank answer sheets are provided for each round.

Game Rules

  1. No cell phones, computers, or any other electronic devices may be used for answering questions.
  2. All answers are final. If the Trivia Masters make a mistake, it will be consistent and standings will not be affected.
  3. Teams may Fight On! for one of rounds 1-4. They will receive double points for this round, but must make their selection prior to turning in that round’s answers.
  4. Bonus questions at the ends of rounds are worth 3 points each. These points are not affected by the Fight On!

Point Allocation

  1. 1 point will be awarded to each team for every trivia question correctly answered.
  2. On specifically designated “theme nights,” teams that participate will receive 5 extra points.

Year-Long Competition

  1. The top ten (10) ranked teams, as determined by total points from the year excluding bonus questions, will be invited to the final competition on the last Trivia night of the Spring semester to compete for the grand prizes.
  2. The winning team will have their team name engraved on the Tommy’s Trivia First Place Trophy.

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